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Life Coaching

Our life coach, Simone, works with people who want to make changes, but may be unclear about what direction to take. Or, they know what they want, but are fighting with resistance and self-sabotage (often in the form of compulsive behaviours like over-eating, over-spending or over-scheduling). Or, they have everything they thought they always wanted, and yet are still plagued by a deeper dissatisfaction that just won’t go away. They feel disconnected from their inner guidance, and often make decisions based on what other people think they should do, or what feels like the easiest or safest option. As a result, they are not happy with parts or all of the life they are living: including, possibly, their relationships, their health, their jobs, where they live and how they spend their time.

People who come to coaching are ready to take responsibility for their lives and are willing to explore how their current behaviours, beliefs and patterns may no longer be working for them. They are willing to be curious about what is blocking them from hearing and following their inner guidance.

Simone also has a special interest in working with people who have struggled for years with food, their weight and their body-image, and have all but given up. This is a struggle she understands intimately, and she believes that if you approach it in a curious and compassionate way, it can become your greatest gift. She does not suggest a diet or exercise plan to follow. Instead, she helps you to understand what’s at the root of your battle and how to transform it. She will give you tools and strategies to make peace with food and your body, and ultimately, with yourself.

Regardless of what crossroads you are at – whether it’s dissatisfaction with your body or with other areas of your life – you can benefit from working with a life coach. You will learn new tools, strategies and ways of thinking and managing your emotions. Most importantly, using a combination of powerful questions and body-based coaching techniques, you will become more connected with your inner guidance so that you can make peace with whatever is blocking you from creating your most satisfying life.

If you are interested in learning more about how Simone works and what she can offer you, please visit her website at:

You can also arrange to meet with her in person for a free, 30 minute information session by emailing:
She will talk with you about your specific concerns, and you can ask her any questions you might have before you decide if working with her feels right for you.

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