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Childbirth Education & Birth Doula

Private Prenatal Series

Embrace your child’s birth as an opportunity to realize your body’s wisdom. This series will provide you and your birth partner with information, tools, support, and confidence to help prepare the mind and body for the birth event. Through discovery of strengths and validation of any fears, these sessions are designed to empower the expectant mother and family. The Confident Birth sessions are private and are tailored to each expectant, mother, partner and pregnancy.

Birth Doula Services

Your Birth Doula will meet with you privately for multiple prenatal sessions and will be there for the birth of your child to provide physical, emotional and informational support. She will be on call 24 hours a day beginning ten days prior to your due date and up to two weeks past your due date. Your Birth Doula will provide continuous support through active labour and immediate postnatal and breastfeeding support in the hours and days following the birth of your babe.

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