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Smoking Cessation Program

We all understand the harmful effects of smoking, as it leads the way to many future health complications. There is little to no focus however on understanding why a person smokes, what it does for them in their life, and most importantly the fear and anxiety about living without the cigarette.

Gaia Integrative Clinic offers a multi-modal approach to stop smoking. We focus on balanced nutrition to help prevent cravings, addressing the root cause of the desire to smoke as opposed to working from a will power perspective, we utilize the NADA acupuncture protocol which has been shown to improve the outcomes of smokers and other addicts.

We approach our program with no pressure, no stress, and work with people where they are at regardless of where they are in their healing journey to addicition free living.

Contact the clinic today for more information or to book an appointment and join our list of happy non-smokers. Many of our services are covered by your extended healthcare plan.

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