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Pre and Post Natal Support Program

Pregnancy and birth are healthy, normal events that can be supported in many different ways. We believe in using gentle remedies, safe techniques, and nutrition to nourish the body in this special time for families.

Gaia Integrative Clinic gives adjunctive care to pregnant women dealing with:

  • Infertility- using a combination of acupuncture, botanical medicine and clinical nutrition.
  • Common Concerns of Pregnancy- nausea, constipation, backache, heartburn, leg cramps, stretch marks, as well as exercise plans, nutritional consultations and prevention plans
  • Post-date Pregnancy- using a combination of acupuncture and homeopathy
  • Labor and Birth concerns- birth preparation using mind-body medicine, natural support recommendations for labor and delivery, certified doula support either before or during labor
  • Post Partum concerns- episiotomy healing, after-pains, prevention of infection, cesarean scar minimization with acupuncture.
  • Breastfeeding- breastfeeding difficulties, thrush, sore nipples, cracked nipples, low milk production

Contact the clinic for more information or to book an appointment. Many of our services are covered by your extended healthcare plan.

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