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Krista Rusk, Registered Massage Therapist

Krista Rusk is a Registered Massage Therapist who has completed the 2200 hour program in Regina, Sk, at the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy. Krista is particularly interested in assessment based treatments, focusing on determining the cause of a person’s particular ailment, treating, and then giving the appropriate home care protocols.

Krista chose massage therapy as a career as she is a firm believer in trying natural remedies for the stresses our body experience, especially if the situation warrants conservative care. She loves seeing the outcome of rehabilitating an injury, or even something as simple as the removed weight of stress that a person displays, and the calm they show after a treatment.

Krista likes to incorporate therapeutic and relaxation techniques in order to make the treatment more enjoyable for the client, while addressing their areas of concerns. She has a great interest working with fascia and is eager to expand her education in this direction in the future. Krista has additional training in therapeutic muscle cupping which has worked many wonders with her previous patients. She loves a challenge and particularly enjoys working with pelvic, sacral and lumbar dysfunctions, but is intrigued with all areas of anatomy as the body is a very complex system. With experience working in massage specific therapeutic clinics, as well as a medical clinic alongside physicians, she has experience working with many different dysfunctions.

Krista chose to move to Yellowknife as she has wanted to experience this part of Canada for a long time but never quite had the opportunity. Despite nerves present in regards to a large move and change, she gained the courage to travel North, as well as the opportunity to practice her passion with northerners.

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