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Individual & Family Counselling FAQ – Kirsti Giacobbo

What are the qualifications of the counselling therapist?

Kirsti has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and is a graduate of the two year Professional Skills Training in Hakomi Body Centred Psychotherapy. Kirsti has over twenty years of experience in providing counselling services for adolescents and adults.

What is Hakomi Therapy?

Hakomi is a method of body-centred psychotherapy that seeks to help people:

  • change longstanding beliefs that limit their ability to be happy, to have positive relationships, or to be the person they deserve and have the right to be
  • heal the wounding that occurs from childhood and/or from traumatic and painful experiences

How does Hakomi work?

The process of Hakomi in therapy involves:

  • a respectful collaborative working relationship with the therapist so that the client feels safe to become mindful and study their internal world; their beliefs, attitudes, memories, feelings, thoughts and body sensations
  • experiences coming forward that will lead to the understanding of core material and the limiting beliefs we carry that cause us to become ‘stuck’ in life
  • the possibility for healing and change to occur so that new possibilities can be explored and taken into daily life

Can anyone participate in Hakomi Therapy?

Hakomi offers many different tools that the therapist utilizes according to the developmental age of a client, the degree of safety for the client to become mindful and self-aware, and the direction the client wishes to pursue. Hakomi strategies are very effective with a wide range of individuals.

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