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Childbirth Education & Doula Services FAQ

What can I expect for the first session?

The first session will be an opportunity for the doula to get acquainted with your expectations and priorities for your birth experience, which will guide your uniquely tailored private sessions.

Who can I bring with me to sessions?

It is recommended that you and your intended birth partner (husband, friend, significant other) attend each session together.

What is the space like where the sessions are held?

All sessions will be held at Gaia Integrative Clinic in a private room on the lower level. The space is cozy, informal and comfortable.

Will there be time for questions?

Absolutely! Though each session will be geared towards discussion of the various aspects of birth and comfort measures, questions are encouraged throughout. Have a nagging question? Something you’ve been wondering about but haven’t wanted to ask someone? Any and all questions are welcomed.

Will I have to write down everything we discuss in sessions?

Handouts are provided at each session. You are free to take notes as you wish but it will likely not be necessary with all of the relevant handouts you will receive.

What type of training does a doula receive?

There are several components to doula training to earn the designation of Certified Doula. Training classes are required in childbirth introduction and an intensive DONA approved Birth Doula workshop. The reading component provides an abundant knowledge base, while the practical component ensures that a doula has completed a minimum number of births with positive written evaluations from medical staff and most importantly, the clients. The written component for a doula involves many essays and the preparation of a comprehensive resource list including all available birth, baby, post-natal, medical, complementary and parent resources available in Yellowknife. In addition, doulas are required to complete training in Lactation Management to enable knowledgeable assistance with breastfeeding.

Childbirth Education training is similar to that of Birth Doula Training, with the addition of literature review in Childbirth, Women’s Health and Teaching; as well as the adequate provision of childbirth education and breastfeeding support classes.

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