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Simone Goudreau, Life Coach

Simone was not quite one year old when her parents packed up their belongings and their 4 small children and moved north to Hay River. Like so many others who feel the pull of the north, her parents’ plan to stay for 2 years turned into putting down roots and building a life in this small, close-knit community. Simone was pretty content growing up in Hay River, but after graduating from high school, she was lured away to the warmer climates of Victoria, BC (to study) and Australia (to play.) She eventually found her way back North and now considers Yellowknife home. She feels very blessed to be putting her own roots down in this diverse, beautiful city.

Simone’s career as a life coach began in 2008, but the seeds of this dream had been planted many years earlier. Around the time she graduated from university with a BA in Psychology, she discovered the book “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck (author, life coach and contributor to O Magazine). The messages in this book about connecting with your inner guidance to help you create your right life resonated deeply with her, but she didn’t yet understand how to make this happen for herself. Instead, she did what a lot of us do, and just went with whatever opportunity seemed like a safe bet, or what seemed like the logical thing to do. Eventually, and perhaps not
surprisingly, she found herself, several years later, dissatisfied and searching for a more meaningful life.

This quest took her back to Martha Beck – and this time, she was ready to learn. The pull to help others do the same was strong, so Simone decided to become trained as a life coach by Martha Beck Inc, and was certified in 2008. This training not only gave her the skills to coach others, but also helped her to clear away what was blocking her from feeling satisfied in her own life. She learned new tools and strategies that have been life-changing.

Since then, she’s been building her coaching practice and continues to learn and add to her skills. She was trained as a Weight Coach by Brooke Castillo and as a Visual Coach by Christina Merkley, and has completed the Intuitive Eating PRO Skills training, taught by Evelyn Tribole, co-author of the book Intuitive Eating. Simone is also endorsed by Abigail Steidley as a Healthy Life Mind-Body coach. This training, in particular, has transformed how she work with her clients. She is armed with tools to help her clients gain clarity about their inner and outer lives and re-connect with their inner wisdom. Simone helps them get back in the driver’s seat and find and follow their own unique road map to a life that is deeply satisfying.

If you are interested in learning more about how Simone works and what she can offer you, please visit her website at:

You can also arrange to meet with her in person for a free, 30 minute information session by emailing:
She will talk with you about your specific concerns, and you can ask her any questions you might have before you decide if working with her feels right for you.

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